Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services in Huntsville, Madison, and Hampton Cove, Alabama

Visit times: At your consultation, you will be asked for your preference on visit times, and we follow this schedule as closely as possible. You may request visits as early as 7 AM and as late as 9 PM. Due to the unpredictability of our business, we cannot guarantee exact visit times.

Scheduling: For new clients, please schedule your free consultation at least 2 weeks prior to dates of service. For existing clients, please make your reservation at least 4 days prior to dates of service. Summer and holidays are peak pet sitting times, please make your reservations as far in advance as possible to insure availability.

Payment: Payment is due prior to services being rendered. For first time clients, payment is due at the initial consultation. Established clients may leave payment at your home for pickup at first scheduled visit.

Checks: Please make checks out to Paws & Claws Pet Sitting. Returned checks will incur a $25 fee.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If sitting assignment is cancelled 4 days or less prior to first scheduled visit, a cancellation fee equal to 25% of your total bill will be charged.
  • If sitting assignment is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to first scheduled visit, a cancellation fee equal to 50% of your total bill will be charged.

Holiday Cancellation Policy: This policy applies to the following holidays: Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

  • If sitting assignment is cancelled 7 days or less prior to first scheduled visit, a cancellation fee equal to 50% of your total bill will be charged.
    If sitting assignment is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to first scheduled visit, a cancellation fee equal to 100% of your total bill will be charged.

Early Returns/Last Minute Changes: No refunds or credits will be given for early returns or last minute changes to scheduled pet care. Please understand that our sitters schedule their time carefully to care for your pets.

Additional charges: Circumstances which arise during the course of a sitting assignment and require additional time from our sitters will be billed at $25 per hour. Any trips made (to the vet, to the store to purchase supplies, etc.) will be charged a flat rate of $25 per trip.

Holiday Surcharge: An additional $5 per visit will be charged for the following holiday weekends: Easter (April 22-25), Memorial Day (May 27-30) 4th of July (July 1-4), Labor Day (Sept 2-5), Thanksgiving (Nov 23-27), Christmas (Dec 23-26), and New Year’s (Dec 30- Jan 2). This helps to compensate our sitters for working during holidays to care for your pets.

Tips: Tips are never expected, always appreciated. 100% of tips go directly to your sitter.

Daily Dog Walking Discounts: Discounted dog walks must be performed between 10 and 2 Monday-Friday.

Recommended visits: For cats we recommend 1+ visits per day. For dogs without access to a fenced yard in between visits, we recommend 3+ visits per day. However, we only require a minimum of every other day visits for cats and twice daily visits for dogs (if your dog is to be kept crated, 3 visits a day are required).

Outdoor dogs: We do not provide care for strictly outdoor dogs. While in our care, your dog may stay in a safe, fenced area in the case of nice weather. However, there must be a heated and cooled indoor area in which your dog can stay in the case of extreme temperatures or other inclement weather.

Outdoor Pets: Paws & Claws will not be liable for injury, disappearance, death, or fines for pets with unsupervised access to the outdoors.

Keys: We require 2 sets of keys for entry into your home. One key remains with your sitter, the second key will be kept locked securely in a key safe in our office. All keys are labeled with only your pets’ name for security purposes.

Key Returns: If you would like your keys returned to you after your sitting assignment, there is a $15 charge for each drop off/pick up. Or we will mail your keys back to you for no charge. Sorry, due to the possibility of a delay in your return, we will not leave your key in your house on our last scheduled visit.

Pet Supplies: Please be sure to leave more than enough supplies to cover the expected duration of your trip in case of a delay in your return. This includes: pet food, litter, treats, toys, cleaning supplies, etc. If supplies are not left, or run out, your sitter will purchase them for you, and you will be responsible for reimbursement plus a $25 fee for the trip to the store.

Dog Walks: All pet waste while off your property will be picked up and disposed of in your outdoor trashcan. All dogs are required to be on leash or in a fenced area when outdoors.

Cleanup: We will clean up after your pets to the best of our ability. However, we cannot be responsible for stained or damaged flooring or damaged furniture that is caused by your pets. Please let us know what cleaning supplies you would like used and where they are located.

Extreme Weather: In the case of extreme weather, we will contact you and/or your emergency contact to make arrangements for care for your pets. We will use our best judgment in caring for your pets and home during this time, and cannot be held responsible for consequences related to our decisions. We accept no liability for weather related damage to your home.

Additional Pet Care: Please inform us if anyone else will be providing care for your pets during our services. Please also give the third party our contact information. We cannot be held responsible for the actions of anyone outside our company, or for any damages or problems that may arise as a result.

Emergency Vet Care: We will transport your pet to your veterinarian if emergency care is needed. If your veterinarian is unavailable, we will use an alternate. We will call you as soon as possible to inform you of the situation.

Other persons entering your home: Please inform us of any persons that will be entering your home during our services. We accept no responsibility for the security of your home or any loss if other individuals have access to your home during our services.